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Anju Shrestha(Dipti) and Suprita Gurung

In a groundbreaking move following the Supreme Court’s decision on temporary registration for same-sex couples, a lesbian pair has officially registered their marriage. Anju Devi (Dipti) Shrestha, hailing from Badhaiyatal Rural Municipality in Ward 2 of Bardiya District, Lumbini Province, and Suprita Gurung, originally from Bandipur Rural Municipality in Ward 5 of Tanahun District, Gandaki Province, took this significant step on February 11, 2024. Despite having been together for five years, the couple’s legal recognition of their union comes after nearly two years of their marriage. This milestone marks a crucial advancement in the recognition of LGBTQ+ rights in Nepal, particularly within the realm of marriage equality.

Source: Anju Shrestha(Dipti) and Suprita Gurung