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Hastags Campagin

Denying same-sex couples this right perpetuates discrimination and denies them the legal and social benefits that heterosexual couples enjoy.

Hashtag Campaign (Celebrity Voice on Marriage

Media personality and former Miss Nepal 2002, in collaboration with Mitini Nepal and supported by the Open Society Foundation, lent her voice to a compelling video advocating for the importance of marriage equality and expressing solidarity with the LGBTI community. This influential figure shared her thoughts on the significance of recognizing and embracing equal rights within the institution of marriage. The video, part of a hashtag campaign initiated by Mitini Nepal, aims to raise awareness and promote inclusivity. Through the powerful combination of a celebrity's voice, the campaign seeks to amplify the message of equality and acceptance for the LGBTI community, contributing to a more inclusive and understanding society.

Hashtag Campaign (Reel Competition)

Mitini Nepal organized the Marriage Equality Reels Competition as a vibrant campaign to champion the cause of marriage equality within the LGBTQ community. Running from April 1st to April 30th, this initiative encourages participants to craft original and compelling Reels on Facebook and Instagram, showcasing their support for this vital cause. With criteria emphasizing creativity, engagement and adherence to community guidelines, Mitini Nepal aims to foster inclusive dialogue and awareness surrounding marriage equality. By spotlighting the winning creation across its social media platforms and offering enticing gift hampers, Mitini Nepal ensures that the campaign not only amplifies voices but also celebrates the power of creative expression in advancing social justice. These awareness videos came from different provinces with the positive message of the struggle for identity, the importance of family approval and the legal recognition of the marriage of LGBTI couples of sexual and gender minority community.